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What does Brexit, President-elect Donald J Trump and prosumers have in common? Behind them are people demanding to be heard and have their needs met.

PowerStream runs OSIsoft’s PI System for electronic tracking of assets and maintenance.

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) microgrid control system includes PMU measurements at the point of common coupling to the area power system, San Diego Gas and Electric.

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Case Study

In this guest article, blogger and industry expert, Kathryn Porter shares her views on smart meters and national rollouts.
Wed 29 Mar 2017

Cloud computing and its advantages are becoming more prevalent across the energy industry.

With the years smart meters have been around, one would think their deployment should be largely routine and their benefits w

The digital programme of Enedis is described by Christian Buchel, deputy-CEO, chief digital and international officer (CDIO).

German market experiences of dealing with decentralised generators

Smart meters are foundational in providing insight from grid to the consumer.
At 60HZ and higher data rates, new phasor measurement units (PMUs) used in power grid monitoring can produce vast quantities of data at an alarming rate.
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Case Study


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