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Press Release between Choice and Davidson that emphasises our strong interest in helping European Utilities coping with the challenges around NTL reduction while providing a strong evidence of the

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White Paper

InterFlex aims to deploy smart grid technologies at industrial scale in five countries.
What role is data playing in European distribution system operators’ fight to stay relevant? We ask Atos Worldgrid for its view.
A cyber security solution must secure the complete utility infrastructure from desktop to communication network, says expert Rohde & Schwarz.
Microgrid business models are moving along a continuum, from third-party projects to utility-initiated projects.
Itron acts as disruptor to bring an app store for behind the meter applications.

To better serve its 2.5 million consumers and over 600 large industrial customers, Evides Waterbedrijf created a software platform called GAMEs that leverages the OSIsoft PI System, Esri® ArcGIS®,

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Case Study

European energy stakeholders present research and innovation priorities for the future electricity system.
Microgrids should be viewed as complementary and a building block to the centralised grid.


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