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The FutuRed platform was created to evolve the Spanish electricity transmission and distribution systems.
Power Transformer is also one of the highest capital expenditures (in terms of acquisition) for an Electric Distribution Company with a large coverage area.
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Case Study

Engerati attended the European Utility Week 2016 Advisory Committee Meeting in Barcelona to take the energy pulse of colleagues in the industry.
Schneider Electric outlines how advanced distribution management lives up to its promises.
Report from Itron Utility Week by Gerald Schreiner, business development director, Metering & Smart Energy International.

For years, Public Service Electric & Gas has conducted a successful program for asset management and asset strategy.

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Case Study

Managing advanced metering infrastructure operations is key for the business case.
Utilities require vendors to stretch the capabilities of their end-to-end smart metering solutions.

Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie owns one of the largest transportation network in the world.

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Case Study

Mon 21 Nov 2016

Utilities are already thinking about how to incorporate IoT data into their operations to improve efficiencies and reliability. You need an IoT strategy.


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