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Wed 21 Jun 2017

How do you implement national regulation and secure your grid edge investments?

Engerati reviews two island microgrids and one campus project that aim to provide energy security and reliability.
New low power wide area communications promise long battery life, lower cost and better reliability for gas, water and heat utility applications.
Engerati finds that value-based decision making enables better prediction, optimisation and management of utility asset plans.
Industrial computing company Advantech gives its view on the need to digitise European low voltage substations.

It feels great when we see spacecraft, rocket or even a jet that leaves its huge trails while traveling at supersonic speed.

In this thought piece, Engerati talks to Landis+Gyr about how smart meters are the bedrock of a digital energy platform.
Tue 06 Jun 2017

Drivers for energy companies to create and manage an intelligent metering network are well known.

Download this case study to learn how drone and real-time data can be used to enable analytics and smart maintenance strategies.

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Case Study

Behind the meter generation and storage can support dynamic grid optimisation and balancing, finds Engerati.


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