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Wed 10 May 2017

Capgemini and Intel will discuss how they envision the internet of things (IoT) transforming the grid through microgrid integration.

Engerati assesses the impact of a new initiative with the European Space Agency on microgrid and mini-grid markets in India and Africa.
Thu 29 Jun 2017

One of the greatest challenges facing the water utility industry is the poor condition of water and wastewater infrastructure causing leakages.

Water utilities need a big data strategy to integrate OT and IT applications and to provide actionable real-time business information.
The Internet of Things is bringing advances in the technical and financial management of connected grid assets.
Tue 25 Apr 2017

Distributed energy resources are now an established part of most African utilities’ generation mix but most are outside the utilities’ direct control.

IT and digitalisation will underpin the future TSO business, says new ENTSO-E Secretary General Laurent Schmitt in an interview with Engerati.
Britain’s Future Power System Architecture project is identifying the needs of the 2030 electricity system.

One of the nation’s largest four-service utility providers, Colorado Springs Utilities supplies energy and water to over 450,000 people.

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Case Study

Fri 21 Apr 2017

The energy efficiency and building management sectors like to talk about the quick wins or low hanging fruit of cutting energy usage.


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