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Transmission and Distribution

The Secretary Generals of ENSTO-E and EDSO for Smart Grids talk to Engerati about energy consumers and common interests.
Mon 18 Sep 2017

New opportunities for distribution operational savings can be created by the intersection of power line based communications and edge computing with smart metering.

Network operator proposes location for 700MW Celtic interconnector cable.
Western Europe's energy sector is forecast to commit $133.7bn to smart grid infrastructure by 2027.

In my last blog, I opined that the future state for the UK power industry in the light of the DSO journey was one of “Managed Interdependence”.

Jersey Electricity has invested heavily into its critical infrastructure making it more reliable than the UK’s grid, claims local utility chief.
Nordlink interconnector project between Germany and Norway receives funding from European Investment Bank.
OSIsoft’s Michael Kanellos reflects on the opportunities utilities have to commercialise their network expertise.
European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids wants to play a key role in Europe’s energy transformation.
Denmark’s electricity grids should be further connected to neighbouring countries, says European Commission.


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