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To better serve its 2.5 million consumers and over 600 large industrial customers, Evides Waterbedrijf created a software platform called GAMEs that leverages the OSIsoft PI System, Esri® ArcGIS®,

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Case Study

European energy stakeholders present research and innovation priorities for the future electricity system.
Microgrids should be viewed as complementary and a building block to the centralised grid.
How flood defences help build resiliency in distribution networks and lower grid outages.
UL has launched a meter test facility for the Asia Pacific region in Singapore.
As utility digitalisation brings complexity for distribution system operators, Schneider Electric unveils a new solution

One of the biggest hurdles utilities face in embracing digital transformation is a resistance to change.

Thu 23 Feb 2017

Blockchain technology has created a buzz in the energy sector. This webinar focuses on the impact of this technology for utilities and aims to unpick the myths from the reality.

Six utility ‘Keys of Excellence’ identify Frontrunner distribution system operators (DSOs).

Anticipating new utility landscapes − service-driven and client-focused

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Product Overview


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