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Transmission and Distribution

John Hamilton, London Office Director, African Energy
25 Nov 2013 to 27 Nov 2013
Rudolf Baumann, Senior Advisor Operations & Chairman of the TSC Steering Committee, swissgrid AG, Switzerland
Olivier Huet, Director, Strategy, ERDF, France & Céline Salon, Strategy Project Manager, ERDF, France
Martin Speiermann, Business Development Manager, PowerSense, Denmark
Roland Stader, Division Manager AAT & Telecommunications, Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH, Germany
Ursula Jager, Manager Asset Management, Stedin, The Netherlands
John Hodemaekers, Head Innovation, Stedin, The Netherlands
Thierry D’Alancé, Executive Vice President International Development, Schneider Electric - EnergyPool
Christoph Conrad, Senior Vice President and Global Head Strategy and Marketing, Siemens Building Automation, Germany
Jouke Eikelboom, CEO, European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)


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