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In this thought piece, CGI's Ana Domingues tells Engerati how energy technology partnerships can help utilities succeed.
The IEC has adopted ENTSO-E’s Common Grid Model Exchange Specification as an international specification for electricity data exchange.
Tue 24 Oct 2017

Europe’s major electricity operators face the challenge of how to transition to next-generation technology to manage the complexity of growing energy demand, stri

Mon 25 Sep 2017

How can we apply technology such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets to address humanity’s grand challenges? 

An end to end security solution needs to secure the communications, operations and head end systems.
In a second guest article, Keith Brody, Head of Communications at DigitalRoute, shares the benefits of mastering data.
5G should enable the next wave of smart grid and energy efficiency along with other benefits within the energy sector.

Water utilities and large industrial water consumers have embraced OSIsoft’s PI System to save money, make long-term strategic decisions and create new products and services.

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Security flaws in widely used protective relays demonstrate the need for a rigorous cybersecurity approach in the design and use of grid devices.
Wed 08 Nov 2017

Is Europe closer to real-time, accurate monitoring of low voltage energy flows? What learnings can you take for your own energy distribution company from European Commission-funded projects?


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