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One of the nation’s largest four-service utility providers, Colorado Springs Utilities supplies energy and water to over 450,000 people.

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Case Study

Fri 21 Apr 2017

The energy efficiency and building management sectors like to talk about the quick wins or low hanging fruit of cutting energy usage.

Thu 01 Jun 2017

As smart meters are installed at residential, commercial and other sites nationwide, utilities are seeing a variety of benefits and opportunities that are passed on to the end user, according to a

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Energy companies are advancing mandated smart meter rollouts and many European households will have a smart meter installed between 2015 and 2020.

Utilities now need to realise the business value of these programmes for the customer and for themselves. Engerati believes it is absolutely necessary for the utility sector to transform smart metering into an engaging and compelling proposition for customers and leverage it to deliver grid resilience.

Smart metering should significantly improve a distribution company’s ability to monitor the grid providing information on the volumes and quality of power being consumed to network operations, asset management and workforce teams.

Our analysis has identified three impacts areas of smart metering deployment:

  • Implementing grid intelligence
  • Empowering smart demand response
  • Enabling grid flexibility

Engerati and our industry experts will share their work and knowledge on each of these impact areas through in-depth analysis, guest presentations, case studies and articles to show how they interplay and fit together.

Check out the programme and get involved!

live Webinars: 
Addressing modern energy challenges with smart metering deployments
Briefings And Product Overviews: 
Delivering value out of Smart Metering : A fully operational case study of combining Big Data analytics with Process Change
Is pre-payment relevant in a world of smart metering?
The inside track to Norway’s largest smart metering system
Value Add: How distributed intelligence and adaptive communications are transforming the business case for smart metering
Panel discussion - Advancing smart metering through technological innovation
Communication Technologies in Smart Metering
Case Study: Deploying a Scalable, Multi-vendor Smart Metering Infrastructure while Ensuring Operational Excellence
Use Analytics to Create Value from GB Smart Metering Implementation
Addressing modern energy challenges with smart metering deployments
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Smart Meters - An Evolution, Not a Revolution
Delivering Value Out of Smart Metering: A Fully Operational Case Study of Combining Big Data Analytics with Process Change
The UK’s Animated Approach to Smart Meters
Smart Metering in Europe: The Challenges Are Greater
Is Your Business Ready To Make The Most Of The Smart Metering Challenge?
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Schneider Electric
Kamstrup A/S
Landis+Gyr - Energy Management Specialist
u-blox AG
White Papers: 
Smart Metering Rollout Managed Services
Delivering successful smart metering projects in Europe
pathway 04 - smart metering: the stepping stone to a smart grid
Smart Metering - What the U.K. can learn from other countries
Case Studies: 
Smart Metering Rollout Managed Services
pathway 04 - smart metering: the stepping stone to a smart grid
Smart Meter Software For Business Customers
AS3000 Modular Smart Meter
Performance of G3 Technology in Smart Metering Rollouts
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Kamstrup A/S
u-blox AG

Press Release between Choice and Davidson that emphasises our strong interest in helping European Utilities coping with the challenges around NTL reduction while providing a strong evidence of the

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White Paper

InterFlex aims to deploy smart grid technologies at industrial scale in five countries.
What role is data playing in European distribution system operators’ fight to stay relevant? We ask Atos Worldgrid for its view.
A cyber security solution must secure the complete utility infrastructure from desktop to communication network, says expert Rohde & Schwarz.
Microgrid business models are moving along a continuum, from third-party projects to utility-initiated projects.
Itron has launched the first grid edge app store for its OpenWay Riva platform.


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