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Transmission and Distribution

EU state aid regulators approved lower surcharges to finance cogeneration for energy-intensive companies in Germany and Italy.
EU funding for the first phase of the Sincro Grid project has been awarded.
Scottish Power Energy Networks is deploying Europe’s first medium-voltage transmission direct current link.
Islands face specific challenges and must tailor their energy solutions to the particular needs of their own systems.

The DNO-DSO journey part two – the future state of the industry

The Energy Web Foundation has gained support for the development of an open source blockchain platform for the energy sector.

The deployment of innovative energy storage systems is fast becoming a global phenomenon and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Standard networking methods are acceptable for most SCADA systems but mission-critical power transmission and distribution system messaging and real-time control demands a zero-loss solution.

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White Paper

A trio of companies is trialling blockchain solutions to support the integration of renewable energies in Germany and the Netherlands.
Engerati reviews what’s new in IoT for grid flexibility, asset management and predictive analytics.


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