Real-time low voltage substation monitoring trial by Electricity North West, UK

  • Feasibility of deploying a comprehensive solution (installation, integration with existing systems and data management)
  • The characteristics of the demand at the low voltage level
  • Benefits for customer service
  • Potential for reducing operational costs
  • Using information for future systems planning and operation

What is the potential value creation of Demand Response for the electrical system?

  • Demand Response value creation at the transport level has been proven and is currently being deployed by Energy Pool in Europe.
  • Can similar localized schemes have the same positive effect on the “local” network balance ?
  • What relationships and interaction need to be built between agregators and network operators to create beneficial balancing mechanisms in the electrical system? 

Managing demand response within and beyond the control room - US return of experience

  • Challenges of managing large scale retail programs
  • Integrating different load control technologies
  • Population based forecasting and optimization techniques        
  • Measuring performance during and after events 

From Smart Distribution Boxes to Virtual Power Plants

  • Innovative way of addressing a customer demand response and demand increase to recover from over-loading and over-generation issues
  • Preserving the customer privacy while extending over every customer appliance, and maximizing the added value to a customer
  • Virtual Power Plant integration and optimization concept based on Smart Distribution Box roll-out

Lyon Confluence Smart Community System Demonstration Project

  • Strategic development of new technologies related to smart grids and smart communities
  • Model for future environment-friendly smart urban community, contribution to international standard establishment
  • Positive energy building, EV car-sharing system powered by PV systems, energy consumption visualization and Community Energy Management System as building blocks for a smart urban community

Big Data in a Smart Grid - Creating value for our customers

  • Smart grid environments are creating exponentially more data, enabling the deduction and generation of information never available before
  • The big opportunity for higher efficiency lies in the combination of multi-dimensional data from many different sources based on deep industry expertise
  • Building upon e.g.

How best to achieve high performance of smart metering organization at affordable costs

  • Key learning’s from M2M systems
  • Challenge in managing data tsunami from smart meter monitoring system
  • Concentrating on business driver: role of SLAs
  • Tackling performance issues by a problem solving organization vs. by a pure asset replacement strategy