What is the potential value creation of Demand Response for the electrical system?

  • Demand Response value creation at the transport level has been proven and is currently being deployed by Energy Pool in Europe
  • Can similar localized schemes have the same positive effect on the “local” network balance?
  • What relationships and interaction need to be built between agregators and network operators to create ben

Helping cities achieve vision 2050

  • Challenges for city’s sustainable development to reach three crucial targets beyond 2050: economic competitiveness, environment and quality of life
  • Holistic urban planning and governance are prerequisite to achieve these goals
  • Importance of Integrated solutions for all urban energy demands: efficient transport, reliable supply of energy 

The European private-public collaboration for protecting the society’s key assets


  • Three pillars of effective security - cooperation, education and innovation
  • Bridging the gap between fundamental research and on-the-ground solutions
  • Disseminating information and expertise through trusted and open platform
  • Reinforcing the importance of cyber security for critical infrastructure on the corporate and individual level

An architectural approach to substation security

  • Implementing an effective and scalable security architecture to adequately protect substations
  • Adding functionality to substation systems through the integration of renewable energies, smart metering and demand response
  • Substation standards that ensure interoperability and extensibility within critical electrical infrastructure

A New Paradigm in Synchrophasor applications for enhancing the energy management systems


  • California Project experiences with integration of more than 150 PMU’s into the Energy Management System engineered for a disaster recovery infrastructure
  • Setting up and interoperability testing of a large scale Wide Area Measurement system
  • Project targets, plans, and performance
  • Results from the proof of concept facility

Welcome by the Chairperson and Energy thought leaders roundtable – Opportunities in nuclear new builds in South East Asia

  • Nuclear Power Plant Development in Thailand - Supapol Ratanakorn, Assistant Director of Nuclear Engineering Division, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Thailand
  • The Role of Nuclear Energy in the Optimum Energy Mix in Indonesia - Dr. Taswanda Taryo, Secretary General, National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN), Indonesia