Determining the Optimal Use of Wind Power in the Balancing Markets

  • The share of wind power increase in most European countries creating more and more imbalances
  • Wind turbines need to be integrated in the electricity markets to ensure efficient operation
  • Proactive wind turbines will benefit from participating in the market

Innovative Capacity Management with Frequency Regulation for Enhanced Grid Operations

  • The challenges for Frequency Regulation as a result of massive introduction of renewable energy
  • How to solve these challenges by various capacity management methods such as large-scale battery energy storage system and demand response
  • Benefits of enhanced grid operation using Micro Energy Management System and Battery Energy Storage System

Interactive Session: Microgrids and the Challenges of Scalability

  • As the cost of fossil fuels increase and governments mandate large renewable-energy portfolios, new engineering approaches will be necessary to compensate for variable generation
  • The development of tools for designing and implementing adaptive, secure, scalable, microgrids with high penetration levels of stochastic renewables

Understanding the Key Security Concerns Surrounding Microgrid Implementation

  • Microgrid components - especially the breakers that isolate the microgrid from the main electric grid
  • Cyber security of the various control systems touching the microgrid components and devices
  • Classic security controls: access management, instrumentation and control diagram classification, and personnel background checks