Case Study: US Pacific Northwest Demo Project

  • The Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project is demonstrating and validating new smart grid technologies, as well as informing business cases
  • It determines the cost/benefit ratio of several Smart Grid technologies, as well as set up an innovative control system
  • It is also demonstrating the potential for a safe, scalable and interoperable smart grid for regulated and non-regulated utility environments

Improving Procurement Practice

  • Experience in using BPR to structure the procurement process and align it within the asset management organisation
  • Translation from the high level process layout to the actual organisational structure resulted in the creation of a Specification Manager position to ensure compatibility between commercial and technical objectives
  • Examples of how these two objectives can be met by thinking outside the box and specifying the functionality actually required rather than procure the traditionally designed product

Schneider Electric's Vision for Efficient, Open-Vendor Systems

  • IEC Smart Grid landscape – fundamentals & challenges
  • European standardisation activities supporting the M/490 mandate
  • What still needs to be achieved? Harmonisation and profiling
  • How to define the right standards for a given application and reach seamless interoperability?
  • Focus on substation/network automation standardisation trend