Toward a new business model on Smart Grid and Smart Cities with Long range / low power radio communications

  • From M2M to Internet of Things: introduction of a new RF local loop for the Smart City
  • Moving up the value chain: from kW to sales of services and value added applications using the Application store model based on ETSI M2M
  • Toward the deployment of national low power, low cost RF M2M networks

Smart simulation of your smart grid: distributed energy resources impacts on distribution operations

  • Ever wonder what all these distributed energy resources are going to do to your actual distribution operations?
  • Alstom has developed new tools to allow utilities to study these impacts (voltage limits and extra VVC control actions) in an offline simulation environment and decide how to prepare.
  • Come find out how a major US utility is studying what impact PV penetration would have on its real-time DMS apps

How to turn demand-side flexibility into a valuable asset

  • Realize the value of demand-side flexibility from Commercial & Industrial consumers today
  • Learn how automated industrial Demand Response and Virtual Power Systems can support utilities’ and grid operators business goals
  • Create your own successful Demand Side Management programs with proven solutions from Entelios

How can networked utilities move on from analogue and move into the digital age?

  • What will a state of the art fully integrated digital system look like and what are the benefits to be gained by the DSOs and the consumer?
  • How to create a roadmap that allows new technologies to be transitioned in and avoid making regretful decisions?
  • This demonstrations takes you through what a day in the life of a fully digitalised DSONo session abstract is available

Operation of megawatt scale battery power plants for T&D network optimization

  • Raising grid operation to a new level with battery power plants
  • Integration of Wind and Solar generation and substitution of peak power plants
  • Case study:  System wide cost savings via the roll out of megawatt scale battery power plants in European markets No session abstract is available at this time.