Putting the focus on flexibility

Wed 07 Aug 2019
The Energy Institute's incoming president Steve Holliday reflects on the Energy Barometer 2019 for the UK and calls for a renewed and visionary focus on flexibility.

Network Tariffs and Taxation

Recorded: 27 Sep 2019
How do network tariffs work in the EU? Do you understand the opportunities they provide to flexibility services and decentralised solutions? smartEn, the European business association for digital and decentralised energy solutions, will cover all the ground on Network Tariffs and Taxation Network in an upcoming webinar. You will receive a thorough depiction of the countries that offer the best tariff structures for flexibility services based on latest market research of the European electricity system. Read below for more details and to register. 

Why are US utilities missing the low hanging fruit?

Mon 15 Jul 2019
Untapped efficiencies could mean that hundreds of millions of dollars are being missed by transmission system operators in the US, and the regulator is asking whether policies should change.