Puerto Rico’s Wind of Change

Wed 31 Oct 2012
Puerto Rico moves closer to its renewable energy targets as it begins to harness its available renewable energy sources.

Germany’s Energy Transformation Relies on Sluggish Grid Action Plan

Thu 25 Oct 2012
Germany’s ambitious energy transformation has the world’s attention but role-players will need to put plans in to action in order to meet fast-approaching energy targets. EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger recommends that Germany follows Spain’s example and forms one power network operator.

E-Car Ireland Project

  • Rolling out a national EV charging infrastructure
  • Facilitating a competitive market in the sale of electricity for public charging of Electric Vehicles
  • Cross-border roaming
  • Smart charging to utilise wind energy

Realizing End-user Market Involvement in a Real-time Setting: the EcoGrid EU Project Case Study

  • Understanding the challenges of tomorrow
  • What is EcoGrid EU? A real-time market approach to grid balancing and consumer Integration.
  • Explaining the ICT and communication hurdles of using energy management systems
  • Building on experiences: The PowerMatcher 

David Cameron Reveals Energy Pledge

Mon 22 Oct 2012
Prime Minister David Cameron unexpectedly announced during, Prime Ministers Question’s (PMQs) on Wednesday 17th September 2012, his initiative to commit energy firms to a pledge to put all customers on the lowest tariff available under new laws.