Smart Grid’s Market Size and Trends

Thu 13 Dec 2012
Although the smart grid industry offers many opportunities across the spectrum, it is important for major role-players and investors to understand the risks involved when it comes to embracing a market which is still in its early developmental phase. Our report, The Future of the Smart Grid: The ICT and Data Management Perspective, written by authors Jane Fae and Professor Merlin Stone, analyze both the opportunities and risks involved.

Fuel Cell Plant Installed in London Office Block

Thu 13 Dec 2012
The ultra-clean and efficient power-generating fuel cell system is being introduced to London, providing the city with clean-air and at the same time, supporting its carbon reduction targets.

Interview: Sergey Pikin, Director of Energy Development Fund

Tue 11 Dec 2012
Engerati’s partner, Synergy, interviews Sergey Pikin, Director of Energy Development Fund. The interview focuses on the future development of the electricity market and the potential of Russia’s energy efficiency programs. Mr Pikin is one of the main speakers at Smart Utilities Russia to be held 29-30 January 2013.

Politics Impacting Cybersecurity and Smart Grid Development

Tue 20 Nov 2012
As an increasing number of utilities recognize the benefits of the smart grid, government officials continue to drag their feet when it comes to developing a sound framework for grid security. This is hampering smart grid development and is putting the national grid at great risk.