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Offshore wind prices have dropped by half over the past two years in the UK.
Gasunie joins the North Sea Wind Power Hub consortium which includes the Netherlands’ TenneT, Denmark’s Energinet and Germany’s TenneT.
The planned Facebook Danish data centre will feed hot air into the district heating system of the nearby city of Odense.
An international alliance of industrial businesses are planning a new £170m wind energy project.
Electricity has been generated for the first time at DONG Energy’s Walney Extension offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Cumbria, England.
Construction of the 385MW Arkona offshore wind farm off the coast of German Baltic Sea has kicked off.
Cooperative energy ventures are bringing commercial wind and solar farms into community hands.
UK energy company SSE aims to use capital raised through the £556m green bond to refinance its portfolio of onshore wind farms.
A new programme is aimed at optimising Scotland’s offshore wind development through a platform of research.
Norway could become the world’s first fully electric-powered country by 2050, according to industry advisory body Energi Norge.


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