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San Diego Gas & Electric is installing GenCell’s fuel cells for clean back-up power at substations.
Thu 06 Apr 2017

As the grid edge becomes more dynamic with on-premises energy storage and generation, we need new ways of managing the grid whilst moving towards a platform that delivers new capabilities and valu

New white paper highlights how energy companies can streamline grid assets investment.
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We are in the middle of a global energy transition driven by innovations in connected technologies, real-time data and decentralised energy systems that are allowing consumers to transform the way they use and participate in the energy economy.

As we move from a centralised energy system to a distributed generation system, the grid edge is not an end point but rather the fundamental interface layer of unregulated and dynamic edge devices.

The grid is becoming more and more like the internet; interconnected and multi-directional, and our analysis has identified three key impact areas of distributed energy resources on the grid edge:

  • Behind the meter renewables
  • Behind the meter storage
  • Dynamic grid optimisation and balancing

Engerati and our industry experts will share their work and knowledge on each of these impact areas through in-depth analysis, guest presentations, case studies and articles showing how they interplay and fit together.

By adding behind-the-meter functionality to their PV systems, system owners are able to increase self-consumption and gain energy independence.

Combining batteries, inverters and control systems in modular systems is an important trend in bringing down the cost and complexity of energy storage.

Not only do these batteries raise the prospect of reducing electricity costs by optimising the time households receive power, they also cut bills by selling excess power back to the network at times of high demand.

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live Webinars: 
Decentralised energy: What impact on the grid?
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Assessing The Real Value of Distributed Energy Resources
Intelligence Coming To The Grid Edge
The Grid Edge – New Utility Opportunities
Utility investment at the grid edge
Behind the meter: Itron's bid to make the grid edge smarter
White Papers: 
Applications of Energy Storage in Distribution
Energy Storage Opportunities and Challenges - A West Coast Perspective White Paper
Efficient network integration of renewable energy resources on the distribution level
Case Studies: 
Current Status, Role and Costs of Energy Storage Technologies
European Regulatory and Market Framework for Electricity Storage Infrastructure
Efficient network integration of renewable energy resources on the distribution level

“Getting recognition in this competitive expo industry is immensely rewarding”

Solar and wind powered trains are gaining traction in Europe as a way to decarbonise railway lines and reduce pressure on the grid

Project in focus: At the heart of the ongoing Energy Transition, BienVEnu is a simple solution of electric charging stations in collective housing that also offers a car-sharing service (self-serv

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