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Solar and wind powered trains are gaining traction in Europe as a way to decarbonise railway lines and reduce pressure on the grid

Project in focus: At the heart of the ongoing Energy Transition, BienVEnu is a simple solution of electric charging stations in collective housing that also offers a car-sharing service (self-serv

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Case Study

Will the Tesla solar roof be a game changer for solar energy, asks Adam Hammill, president and CEO of ALIVE Industries?
Global reach of Scotland’s renewables expertise revealed by new research.
Google has committed to meeting 100% of its corporate energy demand with clean energy by next year.
Renewables based microgrids are a cost competitive option for energy supply islands and other remote locations.
South Australia’s uptake in solar and batteries is viewed by grid operators as a threat to the grid security but perhaps a broader view is needed?

ECOWAS Executive Director Mahama Kappiah, Mojec Meter and Power CEO Chantelle Abdul, Aggreko, Ghana’s GRIDCo and Solar Nigeria walked away with some of the top awards at the West African Po

Commentators have suggested that new nuclear in the UK has missed the boat but is this true for all new nuclear projects?


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