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Austria’s largest utility company, Wien Energie, has launched a pilot to test blockchain for gas trading.
Tomorrow’s utility needs an innovative and interactive customer information system that offers real-time data.
Quantoz Technology and Energy21 are developing a blockchain based local system operator for community energy markets.
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Energy companies are under increasing pressure to accommodate energy efficiency, control load and integrate distributed energy resources such as renewables into the grid.

Demand response or demand management is an essential cornerstone in enabling this energy network of the future.

It is imperative for demand response to pay to ensure its success and enable consumers to play a significant role in the efficient operation of the electric grid and enable utilities to deliver an engagement platform.

3 ideas for demand response success

Our analysis has identified three key impact areas:

  • Large energy consumers
  • Aggregator business models
  • Electric vehicles (EVs)

Engerati and our industry experts will share their work and knowledge on each of these impact areas through in-depth analysis, guest presentations, case studies and articles to show how they interplay and fit together.

Tailored information can help consumers better understand their consumption habits and most importantly allows consumers to value their flexibility. The role of aggregators needs clarity as models vary both nationally and internationally. Utilities are looking to reward EV owners for helping to balance the power supply and demand.

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live Webinars: 
Demand response and its energy efficiency potential
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Demand Response Should Be Customer-Focused
California electric market operator welcomes demand response
Demand Response-Overdue in Europe
Residential Demand Response-How to Engage Customers in 5 Steps
Demand response aggregation in Europe
White Papers: 
The Benefits of Demand Response for Utilities
The Demand Response Paradox
Optimized Network Utilities and Demand Response
Mapping Demand Response in Europe Today 2015
Demand Response at the DSO level - Enabling DSOs to harness the benefits of demand-side flexibility
Case Studies: 
Integrating Smart Meter and Electric Vehicle Charging Data to Predict Distribution Network Impacts
The Benefits of Demand Response for Utilities
Optimized Network Utilities and Demand Response
The Importance of Markets and Policy to Demand Response
Towards an expanded view for implementing demand response aggregation in Europe
Thu 27 Apr 2017

Demand response programmes have a huge potential to save energy. If just 5% of the UK's current peak electricity demand was met by demand side response, the ener

Enel is moving its data centre operations into the Amazon cloud to generate new business opportunities.

The world’s leading energy providers rely on FirstFuel to drive business customer engagement.

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Product Overview

Mon 10 Apr 2017

Customer engagement is a new imperative for energy suppliers, but what tools are available to target and engage the business segment of your customer base? 

What digital transformation goals should energy retailers set? Engerati asks Peter Warren of CGI for his view.
Wed 12 Apr 2017

Over the past several years, cloud-based solutions have underpinned the transformation of several industries. The utility industry too must transform and adapt to the new customer.


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