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Albany, New York, July 18, 2017: According to the latest analysis, energy consumption is greater in developed nations than in developing nations.

Shell Energy intends to broaden its portfolio offerings through the acquisition of utility MP2 Energy.
With the growth of intermittent renewables, machine trading of energy is becoming both more sophisticated and widely practiced.
Energy watchdog’s ‘Check Your Energy Deal’ online switching services aims to protect UK’s most vulnerable.
Swedish energy company Vattenfall establishes a new solar and storage business unit with a US$170m initial investment.
E.ON and German startup greenXmoney will support a crowdfunding platform that brings together renewable energy producers and private investors.
In our first white paper in this series, we discussed how central markets and the deployment of smart grid applications are reshaping the energy market.
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Crowdfunding is proving an important source for the development of small renewable energy projects.
Industry groups representing wind and solar power, fuel cell batteries, copper and heat pumps combine to find decarbonisation solutions.


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