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Tue 21 Nov 2017

The emergence of distributed ledgers has caused excitement in the utility sector as energy suppliers consider how to best utilise this transactive solution.

How effective is artificial intelligence in engaging consumers with energy suppliers and energy services? Engerati investigates.
The millennials as the next generation of energy customers offer a key engagement opportunity for utilities.
Ofgem plans to changes the rules on how energy suppliers should communicate with their customers.
Blockchain opens the way for a digital energy retailer to bring wholesale market benefits to residential consumers.
New Competition and Markets Authority measures will help 700,000 restricted meter customers to switch without changing their meter.
An energy score is compared with energy bill savings in engaging customers purchasing new appliances and electronic devices.
The cloud with offerings as a service is fundamental to the agile and innovative utility of the future.
A UK couple is taking on the Big Six with its consumer-owned company, People’s Energy.
Romanian energy supplier Eva Energy is starting to accept bill payments with cryptocurrencies.


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