Squaring the data , analytics and processing circle: the elements of a solution.

Wed 31 Oct 2012
The bottom line is that traditional enterprise database technologies will no longer suffice. The volume and complexity of data, when coupled with the levels of performance demanded from systems that use such data, have reached a point where simply spending more doing the same things better, faster, in greater volume has a marginal return.

The Power Matching City - a market-based smart grid pilot

  • Challenges of distributed generation and new demands on the grid (EVs and electrification heating)
  • Matching demand and supply in a market environment at household level via capacity management by a DSO
  • Influencing the load profile by locally transforming the price in real time
  • The first project phase findings and delineating objectives of the second phase 

Building a commercial partnership in smart security management based on customer focus and trust

  • Marrying two respective market leaders on a customer care basis
  • Using telco leverage to complement the Pronet business model
  • Using telco customer engagemet to incentivise sales of Pronet security units 

Innovative approaches for energy management of the connected consumer: relevant pilot cases

  • Consumers are forecast to  gain extended capabilities to manage energy consumption, production and grid-exchange in the years to come
  • User-Driven approach as  a facilitator of  integration of smart metering, automated control and intelligent energy management into fully interoperable systems
  • Innovative pilot cases showcasing how user-driven approach can lead to the implementation of effective solutions for facility managers