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Energy Management

Aclara Technologies has opened offices in Europe, responding to the growing need for smart infrastructure solutions.
What has the utility sector learned from smart meter deployments to support Internet of Things platforms? Trilliant’s Ryan Gerbrandt shares his view.
Dutch grid operator Stedin and utility Lyv Smart Lyving plan to install 20,000 smart home solutions with local distributed energy generators.
Daimler-Mercedes-Benz is growing its presence in the residential and commercial energy storage markets.
Distributed generation represents the greatest threat to utility revenues and hosting capacity, according to an Accenture report.
Tesla and GreenMountain Power are introducing a programme to deliver and aggregate energy storage.
The new Google Cloud Platform makes it easier for utilities to upload large amounts of data from connected devices.
The WannaCry cyberattack highlights how hackers are becoming bolder putting energy companies at risk.
UK energy sector needs clarity on future policy to protect competitiveness, says committee report.
In this thought piece, Capgemini shares use cases for IoT platforms as well as deployment tips.


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