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There is a competitive advantage in cloud-based SaaS solutions that can give utilities of tommorrow the sustainability they need.

Perovskite solar cells is the emerging class of thin-film photovoltaic cells. Perovskite solar cell is a type of solar cell that comprises perovskite structured compound.

Time based rates enabled by investments in advanced metering infrastructure are shown to elicit peak demand energy reduction by residential customers.
Thu 02 Mar 2017

InnoEnergy, a European company promoting sustainable energy innovation, has teamed up with Engerati for its sixth Investment Round for Innovation Projects.

The OSIsoft PI System is at the center of Thames Water’s “intelligence Hub” (iHub), which merges disparate data sources to drive operational performance.

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Case Study

Global Smart Greenhouse Market worth to gain $1.31Bn by 2022, according to new statistics released by the Zion Market

Fri 28 Apr 2017

Internet of things (IoT) devices are flooding utility operations.

U.S.  li-ion battery market size was valued over USD 5 billion in 2015 and is expected to witn

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The internet of things (IoT) in the energy sector represents a new reality and already affects how we manage our power distribution and consumption enabling a more flexible and resilient energy grid.

The emerging IoT landscape will reach all aspects of the energy value chain and the rapid adoption of internet-connected devices enables a new digital foundation for the energy industry.

3 impacts of internet of things in energy

Our analysis has identified these key impact areas:

  • Intelligent asset management
  • Situational awareness with predictive analytics
  • Flexibility and resilience

Engerati and our industry experts will share their work and knowledge on each of these impact areas through in-depth analysis, guest presentations, case studies and articles to show how they interplay and fit together.

For utilities, this means a greater flexibility to accommodate new energy sources, better management of assets, operations, customer service and enablement of new business models and services as well as greater reliability and enhanced security.

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Internet of things and data: What insights for energy?
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Internet Of Things Comes To Utilities
What Can The Internet of Things Learn From Substation Automation?
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Energy Sector Leads Internet of Things
Internet of Things Solutions for the Future Grid
White Papers: 
The Internet of Things is transforming the energy and utilities industries
Short Range Low Power Wireless Devices and Internet of Things (IoT)
Use Case Possibilities with Bluetooth Low Energy in IoT Applications
Short Range Low Power Wireless Devices and Internet of Things (IoT)
Enabling the IoT Transformation - Introducing Starfish
Case Studies: 
Oracle Utilities Analytics: Transforming Complex Data into Business Value
The Internet of Things is transforming the energy and utilities industries
Case Study – Vitens – Predictive Analytics
S&C’s Asset Management Helps Regional Water Utility Prevent Costly Outages
Distributed Intelligence Provides Resilience in Storms

The smart home brings many new approaches to energy efficiency, but understanding the impact of control algorithms and anomaly detection on energy efficiency adds a new layer of complexity.


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