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Energy Management

The European Investment Bank will finance the construction of energy efficient social housing in Spain.
With the latest SMETS2 start date in July 2018, how are smaller tier two and three energy companies meeting their deployment obligations?
Spanish utility Endesa signs an agreement to build the largest electric battery system in Spain.
‘Stacking’ multiple value streams with energy storage is able to unlock more value than targeting single applications.
Ofgem’s landmark decision sees Anesco’s solar and storage plants retain their Renewable Obligation Certificates.
Seawater, sewers, conservation or construction? That is the question when it comes to water, writes OSIsoft's Micheal Kanellos.
The UK has launched its first fully integrated energy systems research, development and demonstration site InTEGReL.
Facing the demands of a modern grid environment, EDF is assessing the performance of flywheel energy storage technology.

THEnergy sees efficient power purchase agreements (PPAs) as the key success factor in the current booming market of reducing diesel consumption by renewables.

Wed 18 Oct 2017

There’s a big buzz around customer flexibility across many markets, with increasing interest from a range of stakeholders keen to unlock its value.


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