Unlocking flexibility in smart devices

Tue 20 Aug 2019
The ‘Coordinating power control’ project in Sweden is developing solutions to deliver flexibility to the distribution grid as distributed energy resources grow.

80 things about the Internet of Things

Thu 18 Jul 2019
The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined by everyday objects, interconnected via the internet to send and receive data. Home security-system company Safe at Last has created a list of IoT statistics.

Global smart meter opportunities

Tue 16 Jul 2019
Ongoing and new rollouts ensure a buoyant market for smart meters while new analytics solutions are emerging to extract their value.
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How do I make money from battery storage?

Tue 10 Sep 2019
12:00 London •13:00 Paris • 07:00 New York
Habitat Energy co-founder Dr Ben Irons addresses the questions that matter most to investors and developers of storage projects.  

E-book: Digitalisation

Engerati asked some leading experts for their views on the future of digitalisation of the European utility sector over the next five years.
ebook / Magazine Published: Mon 03 Jun 2019
InterFlex project
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