Setting the scene for the new energy future: Environmental, economic and geo political perspectives

What started with smart meters, originally devised for accurate billing, has spun into a multi-billion euro industry, where progressive utilities, new market entrants and pioneering technologies are opening up unparalleled commercial opportunities for savvy players in an incredibly dynamic and intensely competitive space. Progressive utilities are placing the consumer at the heart of smart grid and are devising transparency in billing and various consumer engagement programmes to build rapport and trust. 

On the policy and decarbonisation level, electrification of heating and transport is hotly debated; electricity is being generated at household levels; large scale wind and solar farms are pushed by EU to meet its low carbon targets; finally liberalised electricity markets ask for new business models and financing structures.  Turning into reality, these trends require utilities to rethink the way they invest in generation, transmission, distribution, trading and sales. 

Our esteemed keynote presenters will officially open the conference with the strategic address on the energy challenges we face today, while despite a severe economic crisis reverberating through the Eurozone, new opportunities are being continuously created.


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Presentation Date

Monday, September 10, 2012 - 10:00



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