Preparing for Changes in Market Design

  • GM&T Ltd: a brief presentation
    • –GM&T Ltd: Structure inside the Gazprom company
    • –Gazprom Marketing and Trading France
  • Question 1: A European Gas Market without long term contracts?
    • Economic facts
    • LTGC versus CEMP ?
  • Question 2: the end of “old fashioned” oil indexation?
    • Market Commonalities Argue in Favour of Similar Pricing Structures for Oil & Gas
    • The importance of oil indexation
    • Long-term contracts as a "win-win" option for sellers and buyers
    • The hybrid pricing model: a short description
  • Question 3: to align EU with the « US gas model »?
    • Fundamental differences between US & Continental European Pricing Models – the specificities of Continental Europe
    • Consequences of the overexposure of spot-market prices to short-term trends: the example of shale gas production in the US
  • Summary: gas price models & contracts
  • Question 4: « golden age of gas » or « age of cheap gas» ? - Emerging tendencies in worldwide gas business
    • Global gas balance
    • Europe will stay an attractive gas market
    • Natural Gas has a key role in the European Energy mix in order to achieve the “Energy transition” at economical costs
    • Diversification of GP marketing routes
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 14:30



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