Panel Discussion: Moments that Matter: How European Utilities are Boosting Customer Lifetime Value

To the average European, energy is a low interest topic - in fact, consumers here spend less than 9 minutes a year thinking about their energy usage. Conversely, energy retailers are trying everything they can to engage and retain their existing customers, but are struggling to do so effectively. How can retailers make the most of those precious 9 minutes? What strategies & enabling platforms are leading utilities embracing to elevate their customer experience? Opower & Accenture will present the findings of new research, involving utility executive interviews, consumer surveys, and call centre data analysis from around the world, which found there are key "Moments that Matter" when customers are able to be engaged that offer utilities a unique opportunity to build customer loyalty and drive customer lifetime value.

Energy Retail

Presentation Date

Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 14:00