A new model for the European gas market – integration, collaboration and a more open gas market

Chair: John Roberts, Energy Security Specialist, Platts

  • Gas-on-gas competition in the European market further examined
  • Implementing the Third Energy Package through ACER and other governing bodies; as a platform for cooperation’s of European energy regulators, what goals and milestones need to be reached?
  • Working towards an efficient framework for the development of cross-border infrastructures
  • Will gas triumph over low carbon energy or just balance intermittency? The deregulation of European electricity prices
  • Creating a single competitive European market – how successful was the Third Energy Package and how close are we to achieving what the Third Energy Package was aiming at?
  • CASE STUDY: The Austrian gas market and recent changes – developments and significance to the sector
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Presentation Date

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 09:00



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