Keynote panel session: markets, investments and developments

Renewable Intermittency delivers increased needs for power balancing and flexibility and more volatile energy prices. This should create economic value for smart energy via integrating demand and distributed generation in the electricity system. The key question is: are these forces strong enough to redesign the current market/policy and if yes, what direction are we heading to?

The panel will discuss most topical issues impacting on ‘smart’ developments: 
  • What are the risks and barriers for smart energy rollouts?
  • In the current economic climate, is there a trade-off between promoting a competitive and secure energy supply and one which is environmentally sustainable? 
  • What policy push is there to ensure that we capture changes in customer behaviour?
  • What are the pioneering regional projects telling us about what our energy future may look like?
  • Which are the key emerging energy technologies that are coming to the fore? Which approaches are leading the way and why?
  • What is the emerging trend in the Nordic retail markets?
Moderator: Philip Lewis, CEO, VaasaETT Energy Think Tank, Finland

Presentation Date

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 11:45