An Interactive Workshop: Building the Next-Generation Customer Experience

An Interactive Workshop: Building the Next-Generation Customer Experience

Join us for an interactive session on how to build the next generation of customer experience. 

Topics covered:  An introductory presentation will touch on hot to increase business value through stronger customer relationships:

·         Innovative approaches to engaging customers through personalized, relevant, cross-channel communications

·         Enhancing brand and improving satisfaction by offering customers the means to take control of their energy use

·         Realizing the potential of smart meters to provide cutting-edge energy management tools to consumers

·         Examples of how utilities around the world are driving smart grid adoption, meeting EE mandates, remaining competitive by offering the next generation customer experience

Interactive Group Work:  The audience will be split into groups of 5-10 people to discuss the following:

·         What are the customer trends and challenges facing utilities in Europe today?

·         What customer expectations are the telcom, banking, and other leading industries setting?

·         How do utilities address the gap between customer expectations and utility performance?  How soon and at what cost?

·         How will you measure success?

What else the audience can learn 

During the session we will share insights and best practices from leading global utilities on how they are delivering customer experiences that help build more valuable customer relationships.

Working with 85 utility partners and serving more than 18 million consumers across seven countries, Opower is the world's leading provider of customer engagement solutions for the utility industry. By providing the tools, information and incentives consumers need to make smarter decisions about their energy use, Opower's engagement platform and solution suite, enables utilities to involve their customers in programs that support energy efficiency goals, smart grid and new rate structures, brand loyalty and lowering the cost of service. Proven to drive behavioral change at scale, Opower has helped its utility partners achieve more than 2.7 TWhs in energy savings, and drives significant increases in customer program participation and overall customer satisfaction. 

Moderator: Roderick Morris, SVP of Marketing & Operations, Opower

Their clients include National Grid, Pacific Gas & Electric, Commonwealth Edison, and Constellation Energy.

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Presentation Date

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 13:00



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