Image of natural gas versus renewable energy – competitive landscape, emission targets and where natural gas is headed

Chair: Richard Wheeler, Senior Programme Manager Energy Security, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

  • Why gas is and will be a crucial enabler for renewable energy and climate change goals
  • Natural gas as the next best thing to a silver bullet in achieving decarbonisation
  • Struggling with the fossil fuel image – gas in comparison to renewable energy: where does the road lead and why it is not an ‘either-or’ question, but rather a ‘partnership proposition’
  • Gas versus other energy sources: what role will gas play in the overall energy mix?
  • Discussing positive signals investors need from policy makers to pave the road towards a natural gas future
  • Government incentives’ to favour renewable projects and how this will affect gas fired power plants
  • The road ahead for natural gas as the future fuel – where will demand come from and how will it compare to coal and renewable energy demand?
Energy Generation Generation Generation Gas Renewables Generation Bioenergy

Presentation Date

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 15:45



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