Future European supply – Azeri supply to Europe and Turkey’s demand picture

Chair: Korkut Öztürkmen, General Manager, OMV Gas & Power Turkey


  • East Mediterranean gas supplies: progress and prospects
  • SHAH DENIZ: Project plans, investment decision and what the giant Azeri field will mean for Europe
  • European conventional gas: can rapid decline be reversed without substantial discoveries? Can domestic unconventional gas make a significant contribution, in what time frame and where?
  • Will gas triumph over low carbon energy or just balance intermittency? The deregulation of European electricity prices,
  • A country unlike others – Turkey’s rising gas demand – assessing challenges and opportunities ahead
  • What is the role of technology in opening up new opportunities, driving down cost and allowing for demand-supply balances and what are the real solutions needed to propel natural gas into Europe’s steady future?
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Presentation Date

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 11:15



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