2030 Living - how will people use energy?

An integrated approach is needed to make the society carbon free: this means not only a move from carbon fuels to renewables but as well targets on energy efficiency and flexibility. Individuals and organisations of all sort and nature take initiatives to reduce the footprint. The most valuable energy is the energy saved.
During this interactive panel, industry leading experts will be debating questions as:

  • How is energy efficiency and flexibility to be achieved in buildings, industry and services, heating and cooling.
  • What behavioural change is needed from end-users?
  • What cities can do?
  • How can dispersed, individual change gravitate into a societal change?
  • What products, services are needed? 
  • When and how will end-users adopt change?
  • What is the impact on new homes and existing housing stock?


Energy Management

Presentation Date

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 14:00



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