Why Using Energy Consultancy Specialist Services Can Cut Your Business Operational Costs

Is energy procurement one of the biggest chunks of your operational costs?
Published: Wed 15 Aug 2018
A blog entry by Rob Tennant

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Rob Tennant
Sales & Marketing Manager
The Utility Buyers

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Is your company receiving high power bills? Is energy procurement one of the biggest chunks of your operational costs? Then it is highly likely that the energy costs are passed down to your clients in form of higher product prices or service charges. This implies that if power costs increase due to economic, environmental, or human factors, then your clientele may find your products or services to be too costly. Who would want to purchase high-priced items whose cost is not pocket-friendly? Definitely no one would!

It is thus important to properly manage energy procurement, and control your use of various forms energy within your business so as to reduce the operational costs and give your consumers affordable products and services. Achieving such an end ensures that your customers are able to buy more and the resulting high sales can make your business not only profitable, but also sustainable. Ideally, that is what should happen. But tough economic times, legislative and environmental drivers are leading to an ever-increasing demand and cost of energy. In fact, energy costs and the efficient use of energy have become serious boardroom issues.

Businesses and individuals that first venture into the energy market are often taken aback by the challenging conditions that characterise the energy market. Trying to make head or tail of this complex and dynamic resource industry can take considerable time and effort, which may frustrate most average business people. Navigating the energy market without professional help can be a costly thing for any organisation. This is why it is advisable to seek the services of energy consultancy specialists, who understand the inner workings of the energy industry when doing energy procurement.

Energy consultancy falls within the sub-discipline of environmental consultancy, and consultants in this field specialise in optimising energy use and seeking affordable alternative sources of energy. Energy consultancy specialists focus on cutting energy-related operational costs, while also improving corporate social responsibility in building sustainable models of energy use, which are environment-friendly. This is essential because consumers are now more environment-conscious and prefer to source products and services from businesses whose energy procurement processes take sustainable environment and energy use seriously.

Energy consultancy specialists such as The Utility Buyers help organisations that have high energy demands to wisely procure their energy and efficiently use it so as to cut operational costs. Their process of assistance entails the performance of an energy consumption audit, which may identify possible inefficient use or the possibility of harnessing alternative and affordable energy sources. Thereafter, the specialists may also evaluate the energy procurement process and the bids of providers of energy to determine whether your business is getting the best deal.

Thereafter, the specialists provide solutions, which may include a change of energy procurement processes so as to enable the business to get the best deal. If the audits identify inefficient energy usage, the specialists may also recommend changes in the usage process, which may better energy efficiency in usage. The consultancy firm or its specialists may also recommend the sourcing of alternative and cheaper energy forms such as solar or wind energy were possible. The specialists’ analyses may also prompt them to recommend the use of energy efficient appliances so as to reduce the energy consumed by your appliances. In essence, energy consultancy specialists perform a critical analysis of your energy usage pattern and provide bespoke solutions, which often result in greater cost cuts and high savings.

So, how can energy consultancy specialists help your business save money?

In essence, energy consultancy specialists help your business to save money by performing these basic tasks:

They analyse your energy bills and request bids from top tier energy suppliers to help you get the best energy procurement deal.

They propose and implement cost-effective alternative energy sources.

They determine areas of inefficient energy use and recommend changes such as appliance changes so as to improve efficiency in energy usage

They analyse the billing of your power use and find out whether you are being overbilled and whether your energy meters are accurate and read properly.

Seeking the services of energy consultancy specialists can get your business the best energy procurement deals, affordable alternative energy propositions, and effective monitoring and control of energy use so as to achieve the savings that help in cutting your operational costs and improving your efficiency in energy consumption.