Engerati Meets… the players: what the energy actors are up to in 2018

How and why the first Engerati peer-to-peer event has been what it was needed for the energy sector.
Published: Mon 02 Jul 2018
A blog entry by Filippo Antonio Capizzi

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Filippo Antonio Capizzi
MSc graduate
InnoEnergy SENSE

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Working in the field of energy in 2018 means facing challenges that cannot be solved only with technology, but with a societal approach.

Estimating the impact on a behavioural change by daily decisions is not easy, and it requires the collaboration among all the field players. But, how is it possible to achieve that? Are online platforms the only, democratic way to reach everyone, everywhere? Do we still need to meet in person? Answer to the latter is: yes. Players still need to confer and watch the others’ reaction while debating over delicate matter. And this is where an event like the first Engerati Meets came to help.

It is not possible to define it as a conference, a workshop, a seminar - because it embraced all of them.

The innovative structure has been more than helpful: first day’s tech talks showed where the industry is investing right now, while second day’s workshops sparked an environment where all the attendees expressed their doubts and opinions on one of the topics (I chose Transactive Energy & Blockchain, the other two were Accelerating Energy Efficiency and EVs In The Grid), then shaped a new starting point by challenging weaknesses. After it, attendees were solicited to look at the other tracks’ outcomes, get an idea and give theirs.

To give an example about the efficacy of the workshop, what came out from the track I followed was that:

  • Blockchain is a technology: the interest is huge - so the hype - thus it is important to distinguish what it represents, rather than 'following the herd'.
  • Culture transformation among the stakeholders has to be promoted: there are still players who feel excluded from the energy transition - DSO’s over all.
  • There is the need to hear from the regulators: the new 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' package covers the right topics - above all, customer centricity - but the overall feeling is that the regulatory framework is not moving fast enough. At least, not at the same pace as technology.

Are these outcomes the same you may get from reading online newspapers, or blogs? Not really. Among the countless opinions you may read online, there is the need of reaching a common point. And that can only be achieved by meeting in person.

Thank you Adam Malik, Sherilyn Wright, Tatyana Sychova and all the Engerati team to have brought to life what we didn’t know we needed. You did an amazing job.

Looking forward to next Meets - and the reader should not forget to have a look at upcoming ones!