Transactive Energy Work Groups

Led by Engerati members and expert facilitators, the groups help remove barriers to change and establish consensus on key challenges
Work Group 19 Jun 2018 11:15 am Sofitel / weXelerate Vienna, Austria

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At the core of any Engerati Meet are the Working Groups. Led by expert facilitators with all participants taking part on equal basis, they ensure new roadmaps are designed and optimise intelligence sharing for attendees. 

The groups are created based on key outputs from the keynotes, tech-talks and Lightning Rounds case studies earlier in the Meet. Each Meet will have 2 main work-groups collaborating to identify growth opportunities and establish new action-plans. Focusing on key challenges decided at the Meet itself, the diverse makeup of the group ensures robust discussion and new ideas.

This Transactive Energy Working Group will be establishing consensus across key issues such as:

  • The key technology enablers driving the transactive energy vision
  • The role of the grid as decentralised and distributed energy becomes widepread 
  • New business models emerging

The discussion is captured by Engerati editors, anonymised and distributed on to all Meets attendees and Engerati Knowledge members.

Presented By:

Kevin O'Donovan

Technology Evangelist

Digital Storyteller

Nigel Spooner

Chairman Engerati Advocates