Joule Assets' eQuad - Simple bankability to your energy efficiency project

There remains a critical financing gap for small- and mid-sized energy efficiency projects. eQuad bridges the gap.
Tech Talk 18 Jun 2018 2:00 pm Sofitel / weXelerate Vienna, Austria

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In this tech talk we see a demonstration of the technology bridging the financing gap for energy efficiency projects.

Developed within the SEAF project, and built by a consortium of partners with expertise in sustainable energy assets, electrical and environmental engineering, risk assessment, energy efficiency insurance, and software development, eQuad is an online platform that automates the pre-finance phase of energy efficiency projects.

Joule Assets are one of the Founding Partners for this Meet and Jessica will be running an interactive deeper-dive on the Equad platform and how it solves the key issues of:

  • Making investment in energy efficiency more attractive
  • Providing reassurance for the end-user cutting energy cost
  • Simple bankability for all stakeholders 

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François Dequenne's picture

Hi Jessica, do you have examples in residential buildings? Especially when there isn’t one property manager who owns, rents and runs the building but an association of co-owners. Thanks