“Lighting as a Service”: fast and efficient transition to LED lighting

Key learnings from implementing 100+ projects in 3 EU countries for C&I customers
Lightning Talk 19 Jun 2018 9:25 am Sofitel / weXelerate Vienna, Austria

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According to IEA’s “Energy Efficiency 2017” report, lighting has the highest share in total energy efficiency spending, but despite ongoing transition to more efficient LED lighting technology, there are still significant barriers in decision-making for C&I customers.

In this talk, RCG Lighthouse will demonstrate the development of their “Lighting as a Service” (LaaS) concept to facilitate faster and more efficient transition to LED lighting technology.So far they have raised over €2 million in funding and has successfully implemented more than 100 projects in 3 EU countries for C&I customers (retailers, warehouses, factories and other building types). They will discuss:

  • The financing challenges for energy efficiency 
  • The most recent trends in LED lighting market
  • How to exploit the full LED lighting potential at wider scale


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