Decentralised energy exchange powered by renewable energy

Blockchain-based smart metering for energy efficiency and renewable integration
Lightning Talk 19 Jun 2018 10:15 am Sofitel / weXelerate Vienna, Austria

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In this session, Klenergy join us to talk about the Pylon Network, the first decentralised platform that will provide the transformation and transition from conventional energy transactions towards a more transparent model that efficiently supports the use of distributed renewable energy, where:

  • We can consume the surplus energy of our neighbours
  • We can know when and where each kWh has been produced and consumed (energy traceability)
  • Each user (consumer, prosumer and producer) has access to and owns their data
  • The price of electricity is completely transparent
  • Incentives for distributed generation of renewable energy

To achieve this, Pylon Network implements its own blockchain technology and develops it under an open source license that can be integrated into any intelligent meter in the market.

Moreover, Metron (smart-meter developed by Klenergy) and the other counters that integrate the Pylon Network platform, will allow real-time access to consumer data, providing marketers with a tool to better understand their customers' habits, making more accurate forecasts on consumption for purchase of energy in the market and billing its customers in a much more flexible way with shorter billing cycles, while providing for future implementations of demand control.

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