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Marketing & Lead Generation Toolkit

With the energy transition disrupting the industry, there is also a shift in how executives are viewing and making investment decisions. The Engerati lead generation model combines the immediacy of digital with the intimacy of live events to meet your evolving marketing and business development needs.


The heartbeat of Engerati is the enhanced resource centre. Integral to any marketing package, the resource centre allows for unlimited uploads of your content (whitepapers, case studies etc) to drive downloads and leads. Once loaded to the resource centre, our intelligence engine remarkets the upload throughout our site, notifying you when it gets downloaded. Collaborate with your team to allow them to share their content to maximise your ROI.  More uploaded content = more leads.

Engerati Enhanced Resource Center


Enhanced Resource Centre

A well populated Resource Centre attracts 320+ downloads per year for each Engerati Partner


Resource Centre attracts 320+ downloads per year for each Engerati Partner 150+ average attendees 94% of attendees watch webinar from start-finish


An editorially curated article will receive 300+ views on alone.


Over 48,332 visits a month to Average dwell time over 4mins 6 secs

Studio Video Interviews

Perfect for syndication and for storytelling, Engerati studio interviews sell out fast with over 100 alone conducted across 3 days at European Utility Week.

Exclusive Newsletter. Channel sponsorships

Newsletter sent out to over 80,000+ Newsletter subscribers a week.


Engerati is dedicated to providing the industry with must-know information and beyond the growing resources and intelligence on, we take the immersive and interactive content one step further with our digital and print magazine series.

Engerati Quarterly

is a digital magazine distributed to Engerati subscribers and the wider database. It is also distributed to key industry event attendees such as European Utility Week. Through embedded videos, webinars & whitepapers, it delivers a truly interactive experience for readers and optimises partner campaigns.

CXO Magazine

Created exclusively for leading CXOs in the Utility and Energy industry, this high-quality printed magazine provides an in-depth look at C-Suite challenges in this evolving marketspace. A targeted, engaged C-Suite audience gives our partners the opportunity to reach the industry’s most senior level decision makers with high-quality, exclusive bi-annual magazines.