European Utility Week

Fast track your journey towards the smart energy future.


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European Utility Week 2015 delivered an outstanding platform for business, knowledge exchange, best practice and innovation. Attracting over 9,300 attendees from 77 countries this year's event has intensified sector stakeholder contact.

With the innovation programme complimenting the strategic conference, it made quality content more widely accessible, enhancing the overall event experience.

Paddy Young, Event Director said;

Vienna has been everything we were hoping for and more. The diversity of those who took part was astounding and the fact that so many were from Central and Eastern Europe was especially important as these were really key markets for us – I’m delighted that so many from these countries were able to participate.

Barcelona will provide us with yet another opportunity to highlight the best of what’s going on in the smart energy field. Our two new events which will be incorporated into the show  are particularly exciting – smart generation will be a real departure for us and given that carbon dioxide produced from buildings alone make up 38% of all human Greenhouse Gas emissions, a focus on Intelligent Buildings should prove very pertinent."

European Utility Industry Awards

The winners were announced on Wednesday evening and Engerati interviewed each of the winners;


Sustainable Development Award - Schneider Electric 


Smart Community Award - Vandebron


Young Innovator Award - OEEX GmbH


Industry Innovation Award - UK Power Networks


Utility Initiative Award - Ovo Energy


Initiate Award - Open Utility