Engerati Meets

Engerati Meets

Technology Adoption | Power Networking | Practical Intelligence

We have run meetings as informal sessions but it is now time to open this out to the whole network. Inspired by your language, we have called our events Engerati Meets.

Technology Adoption | Power Networking | Practical Intelligence

You set key challenges for our Meets that traditional events were not providing solutions to. We committed to solving these and have summarised them as follows:

  • Make it easy to connect with members who have a shared interest
  • Create a live environment based on learning not lecturing
  • Challenge thinking by bringing together experts from different specialities
  • Digitise Engerati Meet content so you can build a year-round reference archive

Creating shared value

Derived from the Engerati network, the aim of the Engerati Meets programme is to create shared value around these core principles: 

Technology Adoption:

The overarching aim of Engerati is to accelerate the adoption of technology. Built by the community and limited to 50 members per meeting to ensure deeper-dive interaction, Meets bring together experts with different viewpoints in keynotes, tech talks and independently facilitated workgroups to demonstrate the capability of technology today. 

Power Networking:

An Engerati Meet should build sustained connections. We have committed to maintaining our Engerati Connect App all year round, allowing you to find new connections and continue networking with existing ones. 

Practical Intelligence:

With all meets digitised and available on-demand via Engerati Knowledge, you can share the learning gathered at an Engerati Meet with your organisation, continue to post updates and collaborate with your Engerati network.

Engerati Meets: How They Work

The journey to creating practical intelligence to accelerate the energy transition begins with creating collisions. The new energy system will need new relationships, new business models and disruptive thinking. This will not happen by replicating current structures.

All our meets will be independently facilitated giving an equal voice to all participants. We will curate these to foster diversity and bring together specialists from different environments who may not normally meet.

Formats delivering intelligent interaction and practical takeaways


Selected from recommendations by the community, the futurists, executives and inspirational leaders giving keynotes are tasked to broaden our horizons and work with the Engerati content team to deliver original presentations. They will show us how new connections can lead to new business models and evoke material change. Where does the potential lie and where is the inflection point?

Tech Talks

To overcome current challenges, understanding new creative solutions and uncovering the latest innovations is key. Based on active use-cases and pilots, these sessions bring technology to life with business-case driven deeper dives into real-world technology. They offer an honest assessment of how mature the technology is and what it’s immediate impacts could be.

Lightning Talks

If you cannot share lessons learned in 10 minutes, they are not worth hearing about. Submitted by utility members, these quick-fire case studies showcase key learnings from active projects to highlight technology in action. Selected by our editors, the challenge is to communicate the business impact of real-world deployments and results in just 10 minutes with 20 slides. We encourage presenters to openly dissect mistakes so fellow members do not encounter the same problem.

Working Group

Working Groups are at the heart of Engerati Meets; they move away from traditional conference powerpoints with all participants taking part on equal basis to ensure consensus and intelligence sharing. Led by Engerati Advocates and expert facilitators, the groups help remove barriers to change, identify growth opportunities and establish new action-plans. Focusing on key challenges decided at the Meet itself, the diverse makeup of the group ensures robust discussion and new ideas. The discussion is captured by Engerati editors, anonymised and distributed on engerati.com.

Engerati Connect Lounge

The Engerati Connect Lounge will also be available for private 1-2-1 meetings and the Engerati Studio will be open for our renowned expert interviews to be shared on engerati.com.