Engerati Lightning Talks

Concise | Informative | Practical

Lightning talks are a highlight of the Engerati Meets. Putting you against time constraints, they challenge you to deliver your points intelligibly, concisely, and often with good humour. Submitted by you and selected by us, these quick-fire case studies showcase key learnings from active projects to highlight technology application. If your talk is accepted you get a free pass on us.

Creating shared value

The aim of an Engerati Lightning Talk is to create shared value around these core principles:


If you cannot share lessons learned in 10 minutes, they are not worth hearing about. We want to challenge you to communicate the business impact of real-world deployments and results in just 10 minutes with 20 slides. This will be strictly enforced by an Engerati facilitator, to ensure that you get to your point - the delivery is more important that the content!


A lightning talk should be an open, honest analysis of your recent project/pilot - to showcase the practical application of the latest in tech innovations. They enable the audience to review lots of potentially exciting ideas in the shortest possible space of time. We encourage presenters to openly dissect mistakes so fellow members do not encounter the same problem, and we don’t need all the detail - only the most relevant points in your journey to tech success.


With all lightning talks digitised and available on-demand via Engerati Knowledge, you can share the learning gathered from your talk with your peers, continue to post updates and collaborate with your Engerati network.

Engerati Ligntning Talks: How do they work?

Lightning talks are submitted to us prior to each Meet, in an application process open to all utility members here. For more information on creating a good lightning talk, see our guide. Be sure to adhere to our guidelines, only the very best lightning talks are then selected to be presented at an Engerati Meet.

Contributing a Lightning Talk means committing to the rules, and proving you’ve got what it takes! Throw caution to the wind, and embrace your ten minutes - show us that your tech is truly worth talking about.