Our App - Engerati Connect


Engerati Connect will be available soon on App Store and Google Play Store

Engerati Connect provides modern networking for energy, power and utility professionals.
Free to use and open year-round for Engerati members, the app is powered by Artificial Intelligence and helps you establish new connections and start business conversations at the swipe of a button.


The matching process:

Understanding each user based on their Engerati activity, registration data and profile, advanced matching algorithms take your interests and connect you with other like-minded professionals. Learning from every swipe, the platform becomes more intelligent with every interaction, allowing it to become your very own professional match-maker! Get connecting now and uncover the next-generation of networking!

How the app works:

1. Log in with your Engerati.com username and password
2. Connect your social profile
3. Swipe to meet new people

Just some of the User Stories of Engerati Connect:

Story 1

I have registered for an Engerati webinar and I have received a confirmation email which invites me to download the Engerati Connect App. This app will allow me to connect with other people who are interested in this webinar’s topic area - Asset Management.
I register for the app and authenticate / login using my Engerati username and login details when I have finished I immediately see other members and recommended contacts; it has also shown me two colleagues.
The app shows me a link to all people interested in Asset Management I click on this and it has shown me a list of people in other Utilities who do the same job I do.
I swipe to connect with someone at the companies I am interested in and I am now chatting with their Asset Manager and have set up a call to compare notes.

Story 2

I am excited about the upcoming Engerati Live event as having registered on the App a few weeks ago I can't believe how many meetings I already have set up. It is going to be a productive 2 days! I am browsing through the app and there are new meeting requests from people I don't know; some of which I reject and others I accept.

I am looking through the list of participants and see some interesting speakers I swipe to connect with them and arrange a meeting at one of the pre-arranged slots.

What is great about the Engerati Connect app is that it shows me the availability of people so I don't waste time connecting for other time.

The app also allows me to double book so I can reject less interesting meetings.

Story 3

I have just checked a connection request on the app and clicked on the upcoming events. The app has shown me a number of webinars and also some of the Industry Conferenc. I click on one and it shows me that a lot of my contacts are attending and I can set meetings directly from within the App.

Story 4

I accidentally connected with someone I didn’t want to connect. I have looked them up on my contact list and de connected and blocked this person.

I am also getting a lot of interested requests from suppliers I have rejected most of them and the system is learning not to recommend these people even if they have expressed an interest.

Story 5

The internet connection was very bad at the venue, but because the app has an offline mode I could still see my preset meetings schedule.

Story 6

I have attended one of the Engerati Events and was able meet a lot of people thanks to the Engerati App. After each meeting it asks me to rate the meeting and make comments which I can use for a later follow up. It also lets me to scan and store the business cards of the people I met at the event.