Engerati LIVE: Broadcast from European Utility Week

As the exclusive Community Partner of European Utility Week, Engerati, in association with Capgemini, will once again be hosting a series of panel discussions at European Utility Week for show visitors. Each discussion, chaired by Engerati CEO Adam Malik, will seek to translate the latest technology adoption trends and move beyond the buzzwords to dissect the business benefits for utilities and retailers.

If you are unable to join us in Vienna, fear not! Engerati is also broadcasting the panels live from European Utility Week for our 40,000+ digital community. We look forward to see you at the Capgemini and Engerati booth.

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Energy Talk Panels for 2018:

Virtual Power Plants - Flexibility for the future

Virtual Power Plants are making the news from Tesla's recent approval for the world's largest virtual power plant in South Australia, to innovative pilots which have gone before. They have all got one thing in common; the aim to smooth power at the grid edge and deliver a flexibility resource. The panel discusses their role and if VPP’s should be accelerated in Europe to power a decentralised energy future.

Mis sold a Smart Meter - How the UK got it wrong

By the time we hit European Utility Week, we predict the UK Smart Meter rollout will be in full meltdown. The anchor premises of significant energy savings for consumers will finally be debunked. We invite industry experts to explain how the benefits of smart meters should be presented and how other countries, who have viewed them for what they are, have succeeded.

Industrial Demand Response - The only game in town?

We have long argued that residential demand response will be a very long haul and all efforts should be put into Industrial Demand Response where most significant opportunities lie. On this panel, we hear directly from those taking part, as well as companies who are enabling this form of flexibility.

Community and Campus Energy - The economics and how to play

Communities and large campuses the world over have taken charge of their own energy destiny. We talk to some early pilots to hear their lessons and explore critical success factors. We also look at the impact on local economies and how the big picture stacks up.

Energy Trading - The peer to peer revolution?

We talk to the experts about the role of peer to peer trading in the energy ecosystem; how it will work within the current framework and how disruptive the trend could be. Is this laying the foundations for sharing economy business models in energy?

Smart Cities - They city and energy nexus

We have long argued that Smart Cities should view energy as their killer app. While outlandish IoT examples such as park benches recognising when they have been soiled delight technologists, their value is questionable. Energy, however, is a real value-generation tool. Our panelists share their experiences and their value in pounds, euros and dollars.

Digital Asset Management - From the ledger to actionable intelligence

The panel goes beyond the idea of digitising an asset ledger to looking at how Digital Asset Management for utilities lays the foundation for a true Cyber Physical System. Real-time actionable intelligence is key to asset and operational optimisation and without it, we will never realise the full potential of the smart grid or come close to having one.

Intelligent Grid - How we turn engineering companies into software businesses

By the time of writing this, Centrica will have bought an EV charging software business. Many more acquisitions will be in play as the old engineering firms run to become software firms by acquisition. But will it work and does it show a fundamental shift towards Industry 4.0?

Energy Retail Solutions - The dawn of robotics

The energy retail market is exploding. It needs new software solutions and services that are affordable and and customer-centric. The demise of Iresa in the UK pointed to woeful record-keeping and customer service. We look at how new software solutions and robotics are making a significant impact in energy retail customer service.

Markets and regulations - the oxymorons of energy

As we march towards the Energy Union in Europe, we look at how the idea of markets and regulation co-existing are perhaps an anchor to the ship of innovation and progress. As the sector calls for more innovation, we ask why and where it should come from and who will pay the price?

Grid Edge - Who will own the interface?

Many DSO’s look at the grid edge with trepidation. It is an area under attack by large industrial forces like EV manufacturers and those targeting rooftop solar and behind the meter storage who will not stop. The DSO, rather than reverting to the default of command and control, should adopt a platform based approach to avoid being sidelined. This panel looks at the argument from all sides.