Monetising data like any other retail player - learnings for energy retailers

How can utility retailers combine smart meter data with other data at their disposal to stay relevant and drive innovation?

Recorded: 27 Mar 2018

Webinar Overview

As smart meters come online, utility retailers have access to a more granular view of their customers’ consumption. 

But in an increasingly competitive market, retailers are under pressure from new market entrants perceived as more customer-centric, offering better value and service.

But there are ways to stay ahead - and the answer is by adopting data-driven practices already being effectively used by your retailing peers.

Mature players in the fiercely competitive retail sector are adopting data integration and analytics best practice for marketing, product development and business innovation.

In this webinar, we invite retail data experts from business analytics company Teradata to share insights on how you - the energy retailer - can gain a competitive edge.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to maximise use of the customer data you do have
  • How to avoid creating new data silos with smart meters
  • Key lessons from advanced retailers to apply in your own utility