Utility innovation: Role of API in Waternet's systems transformation

How did enabling an API infrastructure open up new possibilities for innovation in Dutch utility Waternet?

Wed 16 May 2018
13:00 London •14:00 Paris • 20:00 Singapore • 08:00 New York

Webinar Overview

Dutch water utility Waternet knows all too well the crucial importance of updating legacy systems.

Waternet used to outsource most of its enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management to the provincial water authority, PWN.

According to Waternet: "This was not only a costly solution, the activities were also considered too business-critical to outsource. We wanted to move to an in-house IT environment."

Moving away from this was a bold move by Waternet. The systems, applications and product packages were rigid, and the utility faced a complete overhaul of its processes.

Wanting a system that could support a wide variety of business processes, Waternet turned to computer solutions expert Ferranti Computer Systems and its MECOMS solution.

MECOMS is Microsoft’s only recommended solution for energy and utility companies across the globe, and is supported by Microsoft Dynamics AX, meeting Microsoft’s highest software standards.

By enabling an API infrastructure, Waternet enabled new possibilities for innovation, both from an operational and customer-facing perspective.

Waternet now uses the MECOMs solution for credit management, meter data management, and customer service.

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  • How Waternet’s system overhaul enabled a 20% increase in employee productivity
  • Where investing in API can reduce operational expenditure
  • How to improve customer service with API innovation.