The role of APIs in driving efficiency and customer service

Moving away from legacy systems, APIs allow utilities and retailers to meet evolving customer demands.

Recorded: 03 Jul 2018

Webinar Overview

Upgrading IT design to evolve alongside changing customer needs

With technology becoming ubiquitous quicker than at anytime before, retailers and utilities face an increasing challenge to meet evolving consumer needs, develop scalable systems and automate further to ensure operational efficiency. It is crucial that previously single IT applications advance alongside this growing desire for personalisation and customisation that legacy systems would not allow.

An API infrastructure provides an alternative for forward-facing retailers.The Ferranti MECOMS solution is Microsoft’s only recommended solution for energy and utility companies across the globe, and is supported by Microsoft Dynamics AX, meeting Microsoft’s highest software standards.

In this API environment this allows retailers to download separate utility modules such as billing, contract fulfillment, customer service, product design and meter data management - optimising operational processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.

This webinar provides an implementation strategy and roadmap, delving deeper into the business case for adoption and best-practice for upgrading legacy systems.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Where investing in API can reduce operational expenditure
  • How to improve customer service with API innovation
  • Developing roadmaps for API adoption