Building customer trust and loyalty: Gaining a competitive edge in a highly regulated market

Explore how to nurture consumer trust and grow your customer base with the right data practices, and benefit from operational savings and increased cyber resilience.

Recorded: 25 Oct 2018

Webinar Overview

Building a loyal customer base in a constantly shifting market is no easy feat.

One constant is that trust is paramount. Thanks to evolving customer mindsets surrounding issues such as cybersecurity and personal data, however, there is an opportunity for energy retailers to make compliance a business benefit. 

In an increasingly competitive energy retail market, demonstrating compliance with consumer-facing regulations can greatly improve consumer trust and loyalty. 

Furthermore, these regulations can be utilised in such a way that operational efficiency is increased through better data practices and decreased risk vectors.

So, how can this be achieved while maintaining agility and growing rapidly? When growth hacking is a priority and regulation feels like a box to tick, how can it be shifted to give a competitive edge?

Drawing on Chaucer Energy's experience from both big energy and other challenger industries, we will address how energy retailers can not only build and grow customer base compliantly, but keep them and serve them with maximised efficiency.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • How to best use compliance as a competitive advantage by creating loyal and trusting consumers
  • The ways in which regulatory compliance can improve operational efficiency with data and cybersecurity practices
  • How energy retailers, and particularly smaller ones, can maintain agility and growth while remaining compliant