Turkey’s DSOs and smart meter roll-outs with Ugur Yuksel (Elder)

Engerati talks to Elder, the Turkish association for distribution system operators about the country's smart grid roadmap. Secretary General Ugur Yuksel explains why the country is taking a slower approach to smart meter rollouts than its European Unionneighbours. Keep an eye out for more Engerati coverage from this event: Engerati Quarterly feature: Coming soon! ____ About us: Engerati is Europe’s largest engaged community of utilities & power sector professionals 40,000 engaged members. We provide unlimited access to industry analysis & opinion through articles, blogs, conference presentations, case studies, whitepapers and over 200 live & on-demand webinars. _____ Want to keep informed? Join Engerati for FREE here: http://erati.me/2aNixw5 Follow us on Twitter: https://erati.me/2KwCTcR Follow us on LinkedIn: https://erati.me/2ri3Cln


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