The Distributed Generation Tipping Point

In this discussion our panellists explored how recent advances in solar, wind and battery storage can tip the generation landscape and how this will affect the power mix and disrupt for better or worse the current status quo. The discussion also explores the role of virtual power plants and aggregators in Europe. MODERATOR: Adam Malik, Content Director, Engerati SPEAKERS: Anna-Carolina Tortora, Head of the Department of Innovation, Research and Development for the Terna Group, Terna Jonathan O Sullivan, Manager Innovation and Technology, EirGrid Erik Nygard, CEO, Limejump Andy Bradley, Director, Delta-ee Anna Carolina Tortora, Head of Innovation and Development, TERNA For more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit Engerati Webinars: Engerati Articles: Engerati Presentations:


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