Tales from Carros – The Path to a Smart Solar Grid

Using experiences and insights from the Nice Grid Project in the municipality of Carros, our panellists looked at what it takes to develop a smart electricity grid which harmoniously integrates a high proportion of solar panels, energy storage batteries and intelligent power metersMODERATOR:Adam Malik, Content Director, EngeratiSPEAKERS:Thomas Drizard, Project Engineer, ERDFLaurent Schmitt, Vice President Smart Grid Solutions, ALSTOMGiovanny Diquerreau, Innovation Projects Director, SocomecFor more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit http://www.engerati.com/Engerati Webinars: http://www.engerati.com/webinarsEngerati Articles: http://www.engerati.com/articlesEngerati Presentations: http://www.engerati.com/event-presentations


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