Scott Mackin, Co-President & Managing Partner, Denham Capital

Denham Fills Africa’s Energy Gap: Part of The Powering Africa Hub. Project risks and viability should be researched before African countries part with their money. Africa’s energy projects are receiving investment but project development can be slow due to a number of factors like technology, lack of skills, finance from inception to operation, as well as environmental and social aspects. This is according to Scott Mackin, Co president, Denham Capital, who spoke to Engerati at the Africa Energy Forum. Mackin points out that some energy sources are easier to roll-out than others. For instance, solar projects are carried out a lot quicker than wind and hydroelectric projects. Hydroelectric projects require a great deal of research and geotechnical work. There is also the social and environmental factors to consider before a hydroelectric project can go ahead. Mackin points out, “People go over budget all the time with hydro as you can’t know what is expected.” To read the full article on click here:


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