Matthijs Guichelaar, Vandebron, EUW15 Smart Community Award Winner

Vandebron, a peer-to-peer online marketplace for renewable energy With Vandebron, we’ve created an Airbnb-style site for renewable electricity, cutting utilities out of the transaction entirely. One and a half years after launching, 35.000 households in the Netherlands buy their directly from independent producers, such as farmers with wind turbines in their fields. For connecting supply and demand, we simply charge a flat fee. This way, consumers and producers both benefit. Producers can set their own price and are no longer forced to accept what utilities offer. Consumers also save because they don't have to swallow the mark-up utilities charge for passing on that power. Individuals pay exactly what producers price their product at. Vandebron doesn't add anything in the middle. This is how we disrupt the energy market, and we guess that is why we've won the Smart Community Award :) For more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit Engerati Webinars: Engerati Articles: Engerati Presentations:


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