Know Your Drivers and Choose Appropriate Partners

Babu Babel, Chief Executive-Energy, Secure Meters at Asian Utility Week 2015 To really optimize a smart metering investment, utilities should understand their drivers and choose experienced business partners. Full article here: In this live studio interview at Asian Utility Week, Mr Babu Babel, Chief Executive of Energy at Secure Meters Limited, talks about the many benefits that the smart meter can offer its customers. He describes the smart meter as being part of the smart grid journey, ‘the smart front end for utility’. He says that the biggest drivers for smart meters in Asia are mainly energy cost reduction and revenue protection. When it comes to the utility’s customers, the smart meter enables them to provide a more accurate bill and enables a higher level of power reliability. Know your drivers: While there are various meters on the market, he says it is important not only to choose the appropriate metering solution, but also to choose the right vendor. He discusses the importance of a long-term relationship as well as ensuring that the vendor understands the product and the utility business and its growing needs. The organization offering the product needs to have a clear understanding of what the utility needs for future growth. He concludes: “Look at your business drivers carefully. Unless the drivers are clearly defined, you will probably get the wrong solution. A cost effective solution will only be achieved if you know your drivers and choose the right partners.” For more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit Engerati Webinars: Engerati Articles: Engerati Presentations:


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