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Become an Engerati founder today and you will become part of an elite global community of energy professionals, who are able to comment on our content, rate analysts and access exclusive special offers. http://www.engerati.com is an international online community for the smart energy professional and part of the Clarion Events global series of smart energy events. Engerati is the best of the electric industry -- the best people, ideas and technologies transforming our global electric energy usage. At Engerati.com you'll get access to energy related articles, analysis, white papers and more from around the world ,covering the entire Energy eco-system. All our content also includes an Engerati Enhanced Search tool, meaning that, with one click, you can see the latest information the web has to offer. Content is also organized with deep taxonomies and meta tagging, making searching the site quick and easy, saving you time while providing the news, information and knowledge you want.


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